US Rooftop Geocoding

Geocoding transforms addresses into lat/long coordinates. SmartyStreets provides you with hyper-accurate geocoding at mind-blowing speeds.
Check Out PricingUS Rooftop Geocoding reveals the longitude and latitude of an address

US Rooftop Geocoding

When we say 'rooftop', we mean the geocodes for most addresses will be placed right on the roof of the correct building. SmartyStreets gives you hyper-accurate geocoding at blazing speeds. All for a fixed price.

Latitude and longitude at the rooftop

Frequently Asked Questions


What is geocoding?

A geocode is the latitude and longitude coordinates of a physical address. “Rooftop” geocoding indicates that the returned geocode coordinates will point to the actual rooftop of an address. Other geocoding providers may give you an estimated geocode for the center of a property—possibly a long way from the actual roof of the building. SmartyStreets' US Rooftop Geocoding gives you true rooftop geocodes.

What is the purpose of geocoding?

Geocoding unlocks hidden value from your address data. For example, what insurance risks does an address have nearby? What specific service area is it in? The more precise your geocodes are, the more you can reduce costs, and increase profits.

How do I get a geocode for an address?

US Rooftop Geocoding is coupled with SmartyStreets’ US Street Address API. You can check out how it works by trying out the demo at the top of this page. More detailed instructions on how US Rooftop Geocoding works can be found in our helpful documentation.

How accurate is SmartyStreets’ rooftop geocoding?

The majority of addresses will be accurate to the building footprint level. In cases where multiple addresses are located within the same building, our geocoding will frequently be accurate at the sub-building level—meaning we can help you identify individual shops in a strip mall, or precisely locate each office in a business park. To learn more visit our article ongeocoding accuracy.

Can I save geocodes?

Yes, saving geocodes is an available option. These geocoded addresses can be used in other applications within your organization for as long as you are a SmartyStreets geocoding customer. Contact our Sales team for more information.

How often are your geocodes updated?

We collect location data from thousands of local authoritative sources and update our database continuously. That data is also conflated monthly with US Postal Service Data.

How does US Rooftop Geocoding deal with false positives?

Many other geocoding services produce an unacceptable amount of false positives. False positives can lead to costly mistakes and misinformed business decisions. US Rooftop Geocoding from SmartyStreets is coupled with our highly accurate address validation systems. It greatly reduces the number of false positives in your data by marking them as invalid. By using US Rooftop Geocoding, you can make the best decisions using accurate data.

How does your pricing compare to other geocoding services?

We offer premium geocoding at prices that won’t bust your budget. Feel free to visit our pricing page and compare us with the competition. We offer hyper-accurate geocoding at mind-blowing speeds, and legendary support all at fixed prices.

Do you offer a geocoding API?

Yes, with a subscription to US Rooftop Geocoding, we provide geocodes through our address validation APIs and tools.

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