US Address Verification by SmartyStreets

Inaccurate and non-standardized address data is costing your business a bunch of time and money.
With US Address Verification by SmartyStreets, you get the fastest and most accurate single address verification, bulk address validation, and address validation APIs on the planet.
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Enhanced Address Matching

When addresses are a little too shabby they must be corrected manually—a process that is painstakingly long and arduous. SmartyStreets US Address Verification works miracles. It deciphers, matches, and corrects even the shabbiest of addresses. Basically, it can handle most anything you throw at it.
Believe it or not, databases are packed with garbage addresses that other systems simply label as errors. But our enhanced address matching takes the toughest addresses and eats them for breakfast.

15+ Million Non-Postal Addresses

A physical address isn’t always the same as a mailing address. SmartyStreets validates 160 million USPS addresses plus over 15 million non-postal addresses. Go beyond validating only postal addresses and reach millions more!
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Standardize Address Data

Merging massive address datasets from multiple sources is grueling and error-prone when your address data isn’t standardized. We make your address standardization a breeze. By standardizing your address data, you can reduce costs, time, and errors.
Non standardized address comparison with standardized address

Implement with Ease & Great Documentation

Your development team will feel like wizards with how quickly they’ll be able to implement US Address Verification. There’s no reason to settle for implementing an API with poor instructions. That’s why we back up our services with world-class documentation covering everything your developers need.
  • Ruby
  • Python
  • Java
  • Go
lookup =

lookup.street = '1600 Amphitheatre Pkwy' = 'Mountain View'
lookup.state = 'CA'
lookup.zipcode = '21229'


result = lookup.result

Reduce Shipping Costs

Bad addresses wreak havoc on your shipping and mailing costs. Don’t get caught with garbled addresses that result in too many mistaken deliveries and returned shipments. Improve your deliverability and reduce shipping costs with accurate addresses.
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Lightning-Fast Processing Speeds

By the time you finish reading this sentence, you could have validated and standardized 100,000 addresses. With US Address Validation by SmartyStreets, depending upon your plan, you can process millions of addresses per second. That’s pretty freaking-fast!
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45 Data Points

The more data intelligence you have, the better services you can offer. With every validated address, SmartyStreets can provide up to 45 points of metadata to enrich your data. Leverage this wealth of knowledge to better manage and run your operations.

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