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Single Address Verification

Only need to validate a single address? Try this demo (US or International addresses). Get up to 45 metadata points about the address too.
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SmartyStreets Single Address Verification

Bulk Address Validation for lists

Have a list of addresses to validate? Validate up to 25,000 at once using our address list processing tools. Uses a simple copy/paste process.
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SmartyStreets Address Validation for Lists

Address Validation APIs

SmartyStreets provides a number of robust, address verification APIs.
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  • Ruby
  • Python
  • Java
  • Go
lookup =

lookup.street = '1600 Amphitheatre Pkwy' = 'Mountain View'
lookup.state = 'CA'
lookup.zipcode = '21229'


result = lookup.result

US Rooftop Geocoding

The highest accuracy geocodes available on the market. Our 'rooftop geocoding' returns the lat/long for the actual center of the building. No one else comes close.
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SmartyStreets Address Validation for Geocoding

US Reverse Geocoding

Give us the geocodes, we'll give you the corresponding, valid addresses. Super fast. Crazy accurate.
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SmartyStreets Address Validation for Reverse Geocoding
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The following metadata is returned for all valid US addresses:

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