When you're looking for an address autocomplete solution, there are two obvious choices:

SmartyStreets US Autocomplete Pro and Google Place Autocomplete.
But how are they different? And, which one should you choose?

Simple Pricing

Pricing for SmartyStreets US Autocomplete Pro API is simple and easy-to-understand. Pricing for Google Place Autocomplete? Not so much. In fact, it's darn near impossible to project exactly what you'll be required to pay to Google if you choose to use them. And, they cap your processing speed as well.

SmartyStreets offers plans that include unlimited lookups and unlimited processing speeds. All at a fixed cost.

Data Accuracy


When you're collecting data from customers, you want to make sure that data is completely accurate. SmartyStreets provides the highest-level of accuracy available for address data. Specifically, SmartyStreets verifies that the address being entered by the customer is a real, validated address.

Google does not validate addresses. Instead, Google suggests possible addresses that may or MAY NOT be real places. As long as it's a plausible address, they'll suggest it to your user. That means if you rely on Google for address data, your customer may enter faulty data into your system. This can lead to big data cleanup costs later on. And, if you're relying on that address to send something to your customer, it may not ever get to them.

SmartyStreets makes sure the address is a real, valid place. Every time.

Another difference between Google Place Autocomplete and SmartyStreets US Autocomplete Pro is the handling of unit numbers, such as apartments or suites. Google does not tell you if an address also has a unit number associated with it. SmartyStreets US Autocomplete Pro API DOES tell you if an address also requires an apartment number. That way, if your customer is entering an address into your data form, they'll be prompted to also select their unit number as well.

When you use SmartyStreets, clean data goes into your system the first time, and every time.

More reasons to choose
SmartyStreets US Autocomplete Pro


Fanatical Customer Support

All of SmartyStreets products include our fanatical customer support. Other companies charge you extra to talk to someone. SmartyStreets gives you direct access to real-live experts, who love to help you, every step of the way.

Great documentation

SmartyStreets documentation is famous for being comprehensive and easy to navigate. Trying to read documentation from other providers is like trying to read an Ikea manual that is written in Gaelic. Check out our Docs pages [link to ACP docs page] and see for yourself how easy it is to use SmartyStreets.

No Branding

Some providers, like Google, require that you display their name on your page. Or they may charge you extra to remove their name. SmartyStreets gives you unbranded use of our US Autocomplete Pro API at no extra charge.

Easy Integration

SmartyStreets APIs are legendary for being dead simple, and easy to integrate. Be up and running in a few minutes, instead of a few days. And, if you have any questions, our support team is right there to help.

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