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Whats the deal with Queries?

When you purchase a subscription (monthly or yearly) for LiveAddress API , you are signing up for a designated amount of queries (searches). All queries are subject to the following three conditions :

  1. Use em or Lose em. Queries can be used whenever you want within the subscription period, but unused queries will not carry over to your next subscription period.
  2. Automatic Billing. Once your purchased amount of queries run out, we automatically charge your account and renew your subscriptioneven if that's before the subscription period ends. This gives you the opportunity to keep using our service even if you run out of queries before the end of the month. However, we will only automatically charge your account if automatic billing is turned on, so if it is turned off and you run out of queries, LiveAddress API will cease to function on your website.
  3. Anytime Upgrades. You can upgrade or downgrade the *next* subscription in your plan, at any time during the billing cycle.

For example, let's suppose you purchase 50,000 queries on December 1. Normally, your subscription would end after December 31. But because your website is so wildly popular for holiday sales, you use all 50,000 queries by December 10--well before the end of the subscription. What we do is automatically renew your subscription at the 50,000 queries level. This new subscription now starts on December 10, and is valid for one month.

Now lets say you want to upgrade of downgrade your *next * subscription. This option allows you to upgrade or downgrade your subscription manually any time between December 1 and December 9.

If you have not already purchased a subscription to LiveAddress API , then head over to Qualified Address to get started!

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