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Stamp Prices To Increase

Over the past few years, as electronic emailing and transfers have become much more popular, we have seen an increase in stamps and mailing costs. And we will continue to see the cost of snail mail stamps and supplies increase. In the next month, stamp prices will increase 1 cent, and we will see some price increases in other postal services as well (see chart below).

Selected Prices & Services Current New (Effective May 12)
First-Class Mail Letter (1 oz.) 41 42
First-Class Mail Letter (2 oz.) 58 59
Postcard 26 27
Large Envelope (2 oz.) 97 $1.00
Money Orders (up to $500) $1.05 $1.05
Certified Mail $2.65 $2.70
First-Class Mail International Letter (1 oz. toCanada andMexico) 69 72
First-Class Mail International Letter (1 oz. to other countries) 90 94

Changes will be effective May 12, 2008.

Overcome Mailing Obstacles

As the costs of snail mail continue to rise, it becomes increasingly important that you not waste your money, time, or other resources on sending mail that may never reach your clients. We at Qualified Address have the solution for making sure that every package is delivered to the correct location the first time. To learn more about how you can save money and time on all of your mailings, visit and today!

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