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New List Processing System - Now With Extra Cleansing Power!

Last week we launched a complete overhaul of our entire list processing system. It's been a long time coming, and is probably one of the most requested changes from our customers.

The new system we built is magnitudes faster than our previous system (because it scales almost linearly), and is better able to recognize the various kinds of files used by our customersespecially lists in Excel 2007 format and later.

[Image] Another huge improvement is our new consolidated dash boa rd view with all of your list activity. In our previous system, the upload process was distinct and separate from the management and administration of the various lists. Now, everything is combined into a unified view. There's no more need to switch back and forth between the various screens, because everything is right there.

Lastly, the file upload and import process has been completely re-engineered. In the previous system, the file upload process was about eight steps over eight different screens. The ne w process is exactly three steps on a single screenupload your file, map your columns, and import.

We're super excited about the productivity gains that this release gives our customers. But more importantly, it becomes a platform on which we can more quickly release additional capabilities and features. We've got a lot of great plans for new features, and now we can more forward with them.

As previously mentioned, this release has been a long time coming. And now that it's here, we're in a much better position to start focusing on delivering more awesomeness so that our address verification customers be delivering awesome too.

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