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Keeping Your Mailing Lists Clean

Multichannel Merchant recently published an article on some best practices for mailing list hygiene. It has some great advice for those who maintain mailing lists, and even had a plug for the DPV services offered by Qualified Address.

"You can use either a Web-based program or software purchased from a vendor and uploaded to your system. Products used successfully by catalogers include Scrubbing and DPV by QualifiedAddress . . ."

While we're new players in the industry, it's great to see that we're starting to get some recognition!

Here are the tips that Tim Perry gives in his article " List and Data Strategies: Spring-Clean Those House Files! ":

  1. Delve into DPV tools (like the ones offered by Qualified Address )
  2. Do a ZIP+4 Overhaul
  3. Flag and drop dormant households
  4. Bring out your dead
  5. Profit from panders
  6. Do away with dupes
  7. Verify names on B-to-B files

Our customers are consistent in praising how much they like the price, convenience, and quality of Qualified Addresss products. They are also lining up to take advantage of some of the new products that we will be launching in the next few months. If you'd like to be kept apprised of upcoming product launches, either subscribe to our newsletter, or contact our sales team today!

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