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It's Here: Automagic File Mapping (Auto-Mapping)

We've been busy the last few weeks working on some cool new features for our address verification service.

The first big feature has been a long time coming: auto-mapping. Auto-mapping is the ability for our system to detect the contents of your file in order to figure out what your columns mean. For example, if your column says "Owner's Street Address 1", we'll be able to look at that, and determine that it's really the primary street address of your file.

Auto-mapping saves a ton of time. In fact, in most cases you can now upload your file, click "Import List," and you're done. There's no more dealing with the hassle of telling us what each column in your file represents. How simple is that?

Compressed files
Processing really large files has been somewhat of a pain in previous iterations of our list-import process. Prior to last month's release, there wasn't even a progress bar. Yuck. But even with a progress bar (which is now visible in modern browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, and Safari), it was still painfully slow to upload a file 200 MB or larger.

Now we offer the the ability to upload your compressed file. Simply take your filebe it Excel, CSV, or tab-delimited textand compress it using your operating system's "zipping" capability. Then upload that file to our site. We currently accept files up to 512 MB in size (that's a lot of addresses!) using this process. If you need to process something larger, you can make arrangements with us for an alternate upload method. We've also got a release on the horizon that will address really large files in a much better fashion than manual HTTP uploads.

Drag & drop uploads

The old school way of clicking on the upload button and navigating to the file in the upload window is...painful. Now, with modern browsers such as Chrome , Firefox , and Safari , you can simply drag your file from the desktop to the website, and a file upload drop zone will appear. Drop the file in the drop zone, and the file will begin uploading.

*Internet Explorer users, we're sorry, but you may have to wait a bit for us to iron out some compatibility issues.*

Each of these changes are small, but collectively they add up to a greatly streamlined user experience. And that's what we wanta seamless, clean, fast user experience where the sum total = awesome. Enjoy.

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