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Is LiveAddress HIPAA/HITECH compliant?


Last Updated: June 25, 2013

We are in the medical industry and need an address validation service that is compliant with both HIPAA and HITECH requirements. Is LiveAddress compliant? What are our options?


There is no specific accreditation or certification that we know of that verifies compliance to HIPAA or HITECH. The burden, then, falls on you to make sure you thoroughly investigate your potential partners to see what (if anything) they do with information that is sent to them and HOW it is sent to them.

Our page on data security should help to allay your fears and give you some good information to consider in helping you make a decision regardless of whom you choose to be your service provider.

If, after having read through our data security FAQ, you still feel not so comfy, here are a couple of suggestions you may find helpful.

Keep in mind that all we need in order to validate an address, is the address itself. You can remove all other information about the client and we can still get the job done! That's right! This way no sensitive information is ever sent in the first place.

We are willing to enter into a service partnership to validate your addresses. By doing so, we can become "part of your organization" for this function only, legitimizing the process and remaining within the HIPAA requirements.

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