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Could something good come out of the upcoming USPS rate increases?

According to Mike Monahan, yes, good things can come from the USPS rate increases. Monahan wrote an excellent editorial for Direct Marketing News on what he called the "bright side" of the upcoming rate increases with the United States Postal Service. He gives several recommendations in the editorial The Bright Side to Postal Rate Increase.

Qualified Address offers solutions to many of these recommendations, and plans on having solutions for all of them in the upcoming months.

One solution particularly emphasized by Mr. Monohan is the need to maintain "clean" address data. He recommends that you "cleanse address data. He continues, saying that The USPS will become more stringent on discounts offered to mailers that do not maintain the accuracy of their address lists in compliance with USPS regulations. Move quickly to embrace CASS-Certified address matching software, Delivery Point Validation technology, and the NCOA Link system, to name a few."

Qualified Address has the answer to all of the things that Mr. Monohan mentioned. Find out more by visiting our website at today!

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